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The 5 Best Seat Covers for Chevy Equinox

Are you taking on the world one rev at a time? Everything is peachy until gasp, spilled liquids.

Take a load off of yourself, by grabbing a set of seat covers. You’ll be protected and your fabric will no longer be neglected!

So let’s take a look at the best seat covers for your Chevy Equinox:

1. OASIS AUTO 2018-2021 Equinox Custom Fit PU Leather Seat Covers Full Set Compatible with Chevrolet Equinox 2016 2017 2018 2019 (18-21 Chevy Equinox, Black)

If you have a newer Equinox between the years of 2018-2021, then a custom quality set is available.

The Oasis Auto brand has a stitched cushioned option that can make your seats feel a little more luxurious at an affordable price!

They are one of the more expensive items in our guide, but it’s a full set so you’ll have to keep that in mind. Made of patent leather(synthetic), it will repel liquids if you’re looking for something that is easy to clean after spills.

They’re well-made and even include sewn in pockets to add some functionality. You’ll be able to stash your goodies with ease. 

2. Gorla Premium Universal Fit Waterproof Car Seat Cover

The Gorla seat cover is one of our personal favorites. These covers are made for the person that wants something they can count on, at a great price!

Reliable, affordable, with an amazing warranty. The neoprene fabric makes them waterproof as well. 

And what about that warranty we mentioned? For the life of you owning this product, you get a lifetime warranty. For seat covers, that’s practically unheard of. And couple with the overwhelmingly positive reviews, it really is an exceptional value.

As for installation, this is one piece of fabric. You just plop it over your seat cover and tie it at the back with straps. It’s as simple as that. 

3. FH Group Light & Breezy Cloth Seat Cover Set Airbag & Split Ready, Gray/Black- Fit Most Car, Truck, SUV, or Van

On the hunt for a full set of covers, but want something affordable?

This budget set of  seat covers by FH Group will get you through. They’re not the fanciest, but you get a really good value for your money. 

These are machine washable as well. No, they’re not waterproof but you’ll be able to clean them easily. They have several colors to choose from too. 

4. VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector - Waterproof, Heavy-Duty and Nonslip Pet Car Seat Cover for Dogs with Universal Size Fits for Cars, Trucks & SUVs

Do you have pets, or some rugrats that like to bring terror to your backseat?

If you’d like to get some protection to your fabric back there, consider this Viewpets bench cover.

It’s made to protect nearly every inch of space while being a breeze to install. 

The pleated fabric hangs down over the lips of your seats, and for install you just hang it on the headrests. It’s also waterproof, and comes in at a great price. So if you’re looking for some protection, this is one of the better options on the market. 

5. Motor Trend AquaShield Car Seat Covers, Front – 3 Layer Waterproof Neoprene Material with Modern Sideless Design, Universal Fit for Auto Truck Van SUV

Motor Trend is a popular brand that you’ve probably heard of before. And they’ve decided to jump into the world of seat covers.

Their Aquashield covers are made with neoprene, just like the Gorla we mentioned earlier. 

This waterproof set will give your front seats some protection while having a nice aesthetic look. They’re a good price for what you get and they even have some color options for you to choose from. 

How do I get the stains out of my seats? 

Hot soap and water will work in most cases, but if you have particularly tough stains you might want the help of a formulated fighter. Armor All has a good product that we recommend. 

Whats the easiest way to keep my cars interior clean?

Are you dealing with crumbs or tiny particulates frequently? Or maybe you just tend to accumulate trash? For us, we know our issue is that trash piles up fast. Receipts, napkins, cups, they all come so quick!

Thankfully, there are trash cans that work great for cars. This can hands off the headrest and it doesn’t cost much at all. 

We hope this guide helped you find the best seat covers for your Chevrolet Equiox! There are many options out there and so many choices can be overwhelming. 

For us, we always have an affinity towards bulletproof warranties. And when you couple that with a great product, the Gorla is our favorite.

But there are lots of good choices to pick from. Whatever you end up getting, let us know how it worked out. And thank you for stopping by, we appreciate our readers.