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Thule Hitch Bike Racks

Bikers know the benefits of cycling, and there is no activity they enjoy as much as biking. Today, it has become so popular that people transport their bikes to good riding spots, picnic destinations and more. Biking is indeed exciting, but you can’t really peddle for hours. 

That’s when the Thule hitch bike rack comes into the picture.
So, how do you find the most suitable bike rack for your bikes? Well, always start your research after considering your individual requirements and the bike types. Not every rack can hold sports bikes or e-bikes, which is why you should take a close look at the types, numbers, and style of bikes you want to place on the rack before making any decision.

Before we discuss the 4 interesting and compact bike racks from Thule, let’s understand more about Thule and the types of products they offer.

Let's have a look at the best hitch Thule bike racks

Thule Camber Hitch Bike Rack

Best Overall

  • Reasonably priced  


  • Receiver locks provided
  • Tool-free installation


  •  Requires a hitch
Thule T2 Pro XT/XTR Hitch Bike Rack

Budget option

  • Affordable


  • Adapter to minimize wobbling
  • Safe and durable design


  • Rear cargo inaccessible
Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

Premium option

  • Great all around option


  • Easy to install
  • Keeps your bikes stable


  • For single bike

Why Choose Bikes from Thule?
Thule is the manufacturer of cargo carriers, high-quality bike racks, and hitch solution providers. In addition, they offer premium carry bags for computers, smartphones, and other such electronic gadgets. This Sweden-based company has gained immense popularity for its premium racks that are easy to fit into the car’s hitch receivers and can carry multiple bikes seamlessly.
The hitch bike racks are known for their durability and simple installation process. Thule offers racks that can carry 1-5 bikes at a time and transport them to just about any location. The specialty of these racks is that they hold the bikes securely to the racks and keep them sturdy throughout your journey. With the Thule hitch bike racks installed at the rear of your car, you can rest easy knowing that your bikes will be safely carried to your desired location without any wobbling, rattling, or any excess movement during the trip. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best Thule bike racks for you.

Thule Camber Hitch Bike Rack

Available in a black finish, this metal hitch bike rack by Thule weighs 28 pounds. It features a simple and elegant design. It is a hanging bicycle carrier, with the capacity to hold up to two bikes. The rack can bear 75 lbs seamlessly, which means each bike should be approx 35 lbs.

The rack is compatible with all types of vehicles with 1.25” and 2” hitch receivers. The manufacturer has integrated both receiver locks and bike locks to deliver maximum protection to your bikes and keep them locked in place when your car is in motion. There is 7 inches of space between each bicycle, maintaining the required distance between the bikes and preventing bike-to-bike contacts.

Folding Design and Tilt-Down Access
The ratcheting straps can be used to tighten the bikes to the hitch rack and ensure their stability throughout your trip. In addition, it comes with anti-sway cradles that are known for maintaining an adequate distance between your bikes. It prevents scratches to the car or the bikes due to the vehicles coming in contact with each other.
The model comes with the bike arms fold-down system, meaning you can fold the rack and store it somewhere safe when you are not using it for the bikes. It also has a tilt-away system that makes it possible for people to tilt the rack down in order to get access to the rear gates of the car flawlessly. Now, you don’t have to remove the rack frequently to access the cargo. Just tilt it down a little and there you go! You can store stuff and take out your car accessories from the trunk. Once you are done using the cargo, this hitch rack will automatically pop up back in its place.

Easy Installation
Thule Camber Hitch Bike Rack is easy to install. The installation isn’t rocket science and you definitely do not need to take your car to an automobile shop for getting the rack connected to the hitch receiver. Thule sends the rack pre-assembled, which means there is no hardware installation or assembly required. Grab the rack, open it, and join it to the hitch receiver. Make sure you take a look at the manual before proceeding. The manufacturer has given detailed instructions for the installation of the rack. The removal is also simple.

Versatile and Durable
Made of steel, this bike rack is pretty durable and can last for years given the proper care and maintenance. It is a lightweight rack, featuring a compact and clean design. The model fits a wide array of four-wheelers, and it is designed to hold bikes of varying frames and styles without any hassle. Still, it is best to discuss your car’s model and make with the manufacturer and invest in a product that is compatible with your car.

  • Capacity to hold up to two bikes and a total weight of 75 lbs
  • Anti-sway cradles
  • Compatible with 1.25” and 2” hitch receivers
  • Ratcheting straps ensure a secure connection
  • 7” distance between each bike
  • Folding design
  • Tilt down feature allows easy access to cargo
  • Lightweight and compact design fits a wide range of vehicles
  • Metal construction and available in black finish
  • Bike locks included
  • Receiver locks provided
  • Tool-free installation

Thule T2 Pro XT/XTR Hitch Bike Rack

The Thule T2 Pro XT/XTR Hitch Bike Rack comes equipped with built-in wheels that make the storage, installation, and removal of the rack a super simple process for bikers. Made of heavy-duty aluminum and available in black, this bike rack comes with wheels that streamline the installation process. The installation is a cakewalk with the Auto Attach system of the Thule T2 Pro XT/XTR Hitch Bike Rack.

The rack fits the bikes with the size of the wheel ranging from 20 inches to 29 inches flawlessly and without the requirement of an adapter. A model is a great option for all types of bikes, including kids’ bikes, women’s bikes, mountain bikes, electronic bikes, and more. Thule has added a robust locking mechanism that protects the bikes from wobbling or any damage when the car is on the move. In addition, it keeps the bikes secured to the racks and the rack securely connected to the hitch receiver of the car.
Easy Tilt Down and Tilt-Up
Thanks to the HitchSwitch technology, you can easily tilt the rack down even when it is loaded with the bikes for easy cargo access. Similarly, you can tilt up the rack when you are not using it. The best part about the rack is the 12.5 inches of space between each bike that prevents any bike-to-bike contact, thus keeping your car and the bikes safe from any scratches.
The rack can carry up to two bikes each weighing no more than 30lbs. However, you can expand its bike holding capacity to 4 bikes by using the add-on. It is available separately for purchase and is suitable for cars with 2” hitch receivers.

  • Fits with 20-29 inches wheels
  • HitchSwitch lever supports easy tilt down and tilt up functions
  • Built-in locks keep the rack secured to the hitch
  • Integrated wheels allow easy maneuvering of the rack when it isn’t in use
  • Made of aluminum
  • Available in black finish
  • Compact design and sturdy construction
  • Compatible with a wide array of bikes
  • 12.5” spacing between the bikes
  • It can hold up to two bikes with a weight load capacity of 60 lbs
  • Add-on available for expanding the load capacity
  • AutoAttach installation
  • Compatible with cars with 2” hitch receivers

Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

Made of plastic and aluminum, this versatile and durable bike rack by Thule is your best bet for carrying your sports and mountain bikes easily to any destination. The manufacturer has integrated high-quality locks that ensure the security of the bikes and the vehicles. It has a foot pedal tilt system that gives you quick and easy access to the cargo of your car without having to put much effort into removing the rack.

The rack is designed for 1.25” and 2” hitch receivers. Note that you may need an adapter if you want to fit the rack into a hitch receiver of varying sizes. The specialty of this product is its heavy-weight load capacity. The rack can house heavy bikes easily. Like other racks by Thule, this product comes with a folding design that can be folded and stored away when you don’t need it.
The rack comes with built-in wheels that allow you to move the rack across different places seamlessly. It guarantees comfortable transport of the rack, plus these wheels make it easier for you to store the product. The anti-theft design of the rack ensures maximum protection and keeps the rack securely attached to the hitch receiver. With this robust design and a strong frame, you can rest easy knowing that the rack will stay in place and keep your bikes securely attached. The rack has the capacity to hold up to two bikes and handle the weight of 130 lbs. The manufacturer has added the bike locks, receiver locks, and sturdy tilt functions to this model. You can use it for narrow and fat-tire bikes (up to 4.7”).

  • Universal bike rack
  • Fit 1.25” and 2” hitch receivers
  • Compatible with tires of up to 4.7 inches
  • Made of aluminum
  • Receiver and bike locks
  • Carry two bikes of 130 lbs
  • Anti-theft design
  • Offer quick and easy trunk access
  • Integrated wheels for easy storage and transport
  • Folding design
  • Tilt down design

Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack

Made of metal and available in a black finish, the Thule Aper XT Bike Hitch rack comes with a sturdy cable lock that enables people to keep the bikes locked in place. There is 7” of space between each bike and an anti-sway design that prevents bike wobbling and rattling when your vehicle is in motion. Use its folding design to fold the rack and store it safely in the car’s trunk. Thanks to the HitchSwitch Lever, this Thule’s bike rack provides you with easy rear-gate access. The rack is integrated with SnugTite Stinger, which guarantees easy and smooth installation.

The rack fits the cars with 1.25” and 2” hitch receivers. It comes equipped with bike locks and receiver locks. Use the rack tilt-down feature to access the cargo of your car without having to remove the rack frequently. The rack is designed for 2 bikes and can hold a maximum weight of 75 lbs easily.

  • Houses 2 bikes
  • Ratcheting strap
  • Fits with 1.25” and 2” hitch receivers
  • Folding design
  • Built-in cable locks
  • Anti-sway design
  • Hassle-free installation

Thule ProRide XT Roof Bike Rack Black, One Size

Thule is a trusted brand name for the ProRide XT roof bike rack. This roof rack with the universal upright design can haul one-bike on your car. It is a perfect match for passenger cars with Thule Wing bar, Thule Aeroblade, Thule Square bar and most of the factory racks.

To make mounting quick and easy, Thule Pro has a torque limiter dial which controls the force going into the bike frame and also confirms the safety of bikes. Thule ProRide XT bike rack offers extra protection for frames of carbon bikes. 

The pressure spreads through large, soft claw pads that adapt to your bike frame tubes which minimise the risk of damage. The aluminium bike rack can haul 44 LBS single bikes. The bike with the tire dimension of 3 “fits the Thule bike rack. You can make this rack compatible for fat bikes or bikes up to 5’ tire width by separately purchasing an adaptor.

The ergonomic design frame holder and wheel tray of this bike rack automatically positions the carbon fibre bike when you load it. Thule roof rack has the claw’s extended from the lower jaw to hold your bikes steady enough to give a stress-free driving experience when you are off to the mountains.

A diagonal quick-release wheel strap keeps the wheels of the bike stable on tough terrain. It is an easy to use and tool-free interface for switching carriers from one side to the other of your vehicle. You need to purchase a lock to secure bikes from theft. If you’re after the perfect bike rack for your carbon fibre bike than this could be the one for you


Our final say on Thule hitch bike racks

Stuffing your large and heavy bikes into the trunk of your car is not a suitable option for bikers. Not only do your bikes need space, but they require a safe transportation option. The racks mentioned on this list are made of sturdy and durable materials. Besides, Thule is a reputable brand and you can have a look at their full range of racks here in the bike rack and carrier construction industry. So, these products are safe and reliable. With these racks on, you don’t have to worry about any damages to your bikes or the car. Have a safe trip!